Only 2% of website visitors inquire...

Report Rover™ shows you what companies are visiting your website.

We give you insight into who visits your website, what they’re interested in, when they land on each page, and where they travel throughout your website.

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What is Report Rover™?

It's your missing puzzle piece.

Report Rover™ is a holistic B2B website platform that reveals the name of the companies visiting your website and showing interest in your products/services. This allows you to convert customers before your competition gets in the way.

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Report Rover™ does what other analytics platforms cannot

The Report Rover™ Difference

Website Visitor Tracking

Flat-Rate Monthly Pricing

Website Performance Snapshot

Real-Time Guaranteed Data Refresh

Easy Onboarding and Does Not Require a Demo Call First

Made in the USA and laws governed in the USA

Go Beyond Analytics

Learn More About the Companies Visiting Your Site

Google Analytics and Report Rover data
Google Analytics and Report Rover data

What is IP-Tracking?

How Report Rover™ Works

Our extensive B2B knowledge and data intelligence inspired us to create Report Rover™, a state-of-the-art IP-tracking software. The tool leverages last-mile technologies to increase warm leads and identify a company’s AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) position to assist in tailored customer targeting and sales.

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Report Rover™ Features

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Lead Generation

Tired of waiting for the phone to ring, or a contact form to be submitted? Identify sales leads from the start with Report Rover’s™ last-mile IP tracking.

Google Analytics Integration

Report Rover™ is a holistic web platform, integrating Google Analytics data with IP tracking to deliver all your data in one place.

Real-Time Data

Report Rover™ presents data as it is acquired so you can instantly identify new leads visiting your website.

Increase Sales and ROI

Take control of your sales strategy with Report Rover™, identifying anonymous website visitors and converting them into customers.

Target your Marketing

Report Rover™ information allows marketing teams to create extremely targeted campaigns, using the “behind-the-scenes” knowledge like interests and pain points.

Analyze your Campaign

Report Rover™ is a useful tool for campaign tracking and performance evaluation, showing exactly what companies are clicking on your ad, how much time they spend on the page, and where they travel throughout the website.

Flat monthly pricing. No matter your website's traffic.

Save 10% with a yearly subscription

Our flat monthly pricing ensures you don’t overpay as your business grows. With more business opportunities visiting your site, our team promises a flat rate for all the results and insights.

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Single User

Single user plan perfect for small businesses or a one-person marketing team


2-5 Users

Up to five total users, best for smaller organizations with a sales and/or marketing team


6-10 Users

Perfect for mid-size organizations with up to 10 sales and marketing professionals


Enterprise Plan

Need more than 10 users?

Do you need more than 10 users? Contact our team for more information on plans and pricing.

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Built by a small business for small businesses

Growing Business by 512%

From seven employees to 50+ in under six years! Report Rover’s™ real-time data helped FifthColor identify potential clients visiting their website and showing interest in their services.

Frequently asked questions...

Report Rover™ includes all the essential features in one place.

The easiest way to identify which companies have visited the most is by utilizing the Report Rover™ filters at the top of the Leadview page. To see those who have visited the most, sort by “Session” by clicking on the session tab. The number of sessions will then organize the companies from most to least.

Similar to other software solutions, Report Rover™ is not permitted to tell you what individual user was browsing your website because of data privacy and ethics. The good news? You actually do not need this information! Using visitor recognition software like Report Rover™ allows you to learn that a company has an intention to buy. Based on the pages they visit, you should also already know which department is responsible for purchasing your products or services.

Individuals who visit your website will likely populate under an “ISP” such as Charter Communications, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, etc. This is for the privacy of that individual, and why Report Rover™ is known as a business-to-business platform.

Our team has created an extensive list of video tutorials that walk user’s through adding the code snippet, adding new users, tracking your ads, and the functionality of each page. Report Rover™ Academy is available to all users and administrators signed up for Report Rover™. 

Report Rover™ delivers every essential feature in one place from IP tracking to marketing data and website analytics. Report Rover™ is different from other products in the market because of our affordable plans and B2B expertise. We deliver critical website performance data including new user sessions, average session duration, and more. Our IP tracking also delivers the user’s journey through your website so you can determine where their interest lies.

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