Report Rover™ is essential for all sales and marketing professionals.

Behind the scenes knowledge

Report Rover™ includes all the essential information your team needs in one place.

Our dashboard shows you what companies visited your website and their referral source/medium (Direct, Organic, Referral). We also deliver each users journey through your website so you know exactly what they’re interested in.

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Marketing Help

The key to targeted marketing

Using the information from Report Rover™, marketers can create extremely niche campaigns and ads that target the consumer for exactly what they want, driving them down the buyer funnel to interest or desire. 

Valuable data

Reviewing traffic

Report Rover’s™ website performance dashboard showcases new users, session duration, and more in date-specific ranges so you can evaluate when your website sees high or low traffic.

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Goodbye, anonymity. Hello, transparency!

Report Rover™ gives you names

Since only 2% of website visitors inquire, it’s Report Rover’s™ job to identify the other 98% engaging with your content. By giving you the company name, data, and insights into their journey, you can include specific companies in future marketing strategies and other personalized campaigns.

Sales Help

Win back your leads

Report Rover™ is the best platform for identifying interest, allowing you to win back leads that went cold. Through targeted marketing or a sales call, you’ll be reaching out to companies that already know about you. Let them know you’d like to get to know them too!

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Viewing Report Rover's website performance data


Website performance

The Report Rover™ dashboard offers a snapshot of your website’s performance to help you identify where users spend their time on your website. Compare performance from month to month or customize your date range.

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