Top Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Visitor Identification Software


Close your eyes, and picture yourself back in the third grade. Class is just about to wrap up for the day when your teacher announces, “since we have a few minutes left, should we play one game of Heads Up 7 Up?”

The whole class goes crazy.

The teacher randomly selects seven students to come to the front of the room. You’re left sitting at your desk. You and the rest of the class follow your duties by closing your eyes, placing your forehead on the cold, damp desk, and sticking your right-hand thumb into the air.

Silence overwhelms the classroom.

The seven students trickle through the rows of the class, weaving in and out of the desks. There’s no peaking, not even the old, look-for-the-shoes trick.

Suddenly the pressure of a warm, clammy hand presses your thumb down to meet your pointer finger. You think, “finally, a warm lead.”

The seven students shuffle back to the front of the room as the teacher whispers, “heads up 7 up.” Heads slowly rise from the desk. The teacher is looking at you, nudging you to answer first. A hot flash hits you like a brick wall. Your eyes scan back and forth between the seven candidates. You have no clue who it could be.

Flash forward and imagine a similar scenario, but you’re 30 years old in a leadership meeting at your corporate headquarters, chatting about that overwhelming sales and marketing goal for the upcoming quarter. Competition is increasing, and traditional analytics tools are not providing you with the information you need to retarget or reach out.

Insert Report Rover, a website visitor identification software that tracks IP addresses to show you what companies are visiting your website and what products and services they’re interested in.

Not convinced you need it just yet? Here are the top five reasons your business needs Report Rover, a website visitor identification software:

1. Identify Warm Leads and Potential Clients

Did you know that only 2% of website visitors fill out a contact form? That means 98% of your website traffic goes unidentified. Don’t miss out on potential sales prospects! With a website visitor identification software, you can identify visitors and convert them into customers by driving them through your sales funnel after just one website visit.

Many traditional web analytics and lead gen tools lack the necessary information about website visitors and prospective clients. With Report Rover, we show you the exact companies visiting your website. We combine this data with other valuable analytics like user journey so you can see where they traveled throughout your website and source/medium so you can see how they got to your website in the first place. With this information, you can determine what your potential clients are looking for before serving them with ads or reaching out.